Kixo’s New Cloud Product Range

Cloud, everyone knows the name and everyone wants it even if its a bit tricky to define. We believe Kixo are a very personal company, and we have to walk a thin line in IT of making sure the product fits what people need, while at the same time not overloading clients with the tech but also keeping people informed with what they are paying for and using.

Because technology moves so fast we found clients don’t always want to know if they are using “Terminal Services” or “Citrix”, people just want to know is it good, stable, secure and if so how much?

So instead of talking about forever changing software names, and trying to define cloud and where it starts and stops, we have bundled cloud services and traditional systems into Kixo’s own packages with simple to understand names and prices.

Kixo are proud to introduce the below cloud products.

Cloud Desktop – A virtual desktop that follows you from machines to machine. No waiting for documents to upload and download, being in the cloud makes it accessible from anywhere at any time. Saving you money on software licences, install your program once in the cloud, it then simply works on all machines you log in from. Charged per user. Click here for more details.

Cloud Backup – A backup of your files from your laptop or desktop or server. This puts a copy of your data securely in the cloud, so in the eventuality of accidental deletion, or hardware failure or stolen equipment. You can restore your data from us. Charged per GB of data. Click here for more details.

Cloud Phone – An internet phone, simple to setup, just plug it in. Working from home or abroad? just plugin and your number follows you. For the standard price you can divert to mobiles and have hunt groups to make sure calls are never missed. Charged per user. Click here for more details.

We are already expanding the range due to popularity. These products are to help businesses small and large to keep their IT simple and cost effective.
Please contact us for more details.
Geek Speak

Geek Speak

Everyone knows in the Nerd world we love to shorten everything

Below are the “human” translations!


Hosted Email – Traditionally a business had to have a server in their office which provided emails, now you can rent email boxes, so instead of a flat bill of £1000 per year you can now pay less than £10 per user per month, obviously maths says this is good for small business, bad for big users, however a lot of larger companies like hosted because of the simple scalability and lack of CapEX (see below).

Servers -powered by the combined will of the business to “go faster”.

Desktops – the box under your desk you keep stubbing your toe on.

Laptops – The computer you loose in the car and never seem to find the charger for.

Mobiles / Mobile Devices– the device your other half accuses you of having an affair with.

Virus & Spam Protection – stopping bad things getting to you and occasionally saying “don’t click on that”.

Pro-Actively – yes its a buzz word but we believe in it, we go out looking for things to fix BEFORE they break, controlled repairs preventing downtime.

Monitor – in our sense we have a constant connection to devices “saying are you ok” if the device doesn’t answer or answers saying its anything other than optimum, we get an alert and log on to fix it!

Marvin – We have a monitoring system we lovingly call Marvin, he also handles emails see him here

Wireless /WiFi – this can be various ways of connecting networks and soon powering devices without cables.

Printers – the thing that runs out of ink faster than you can buy it!

SLA (Service Level Agreement) – how long it takes to call you back and get things fixed!

CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) – in its simplest term paying money in one lump up front. Full Description

OPEX (Operation Expenditure) – in its simplest term paying money in byte size monthly. Full Description

There has been a large shift in business and IT from CAPEX to OPEX, less large blocks of money upfront for servers vs small monthly costs per user per month. Better for cash flow, only real difference is you will not own a server, but rent instead. Over a period of 3-5 years it works out on average the same outlay *this is a guide.

SEO/ SERP – Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Result Positioning, simply how well you rank in google and other search engines

VOIP / SIP – Phone calls over the internet.
SQL – A type of database, most large businesses use multiple databases, SQL is the platform it can run on.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, normally the software that runs all aspects of large businesses. Examples are Dynamics, SAPS, Epicore

Virtualization – turning physical hardware into a software version, this means better flexibility, and potentially better usage of hardware so cheaper

Microsoft Lync

Kixo have been using phone and VOIP systems for over 15 years but in the last few a new contender has entered a crowded market – Microsoft Lync. There is a bit of a new buzzword that’s flying around recently as well – Unified.

Put the two together and people get cautious including us! But after playing around with the servers, hardware, and mobile apps, we have fallen in love. We originally looked into Lync for one of our clients in Birmingham but it jumped out at us that it suited us perfectly! We have invested in both Polycom and Aastra phones, and use the mobile apps, Microsoft Lync is so simple and sturdy but so very smart, we add an appointment into our outlook calendar, and during times marked as busy it rings our phone on silent, so we aren’t disturbed.

Lync knows if we’re in the office or out so instead of dialing a persons number and if they don’t pick up call thier mobile after, Microsoft Lync you dial a name and lync works out where you are, office, home, app, or forward to mobile number. It just works.

Lync goes further with exchange 2013 if someone is on a call or in a meeting or out of office, Your phone will tell you that person is busy and doing what (if you wish to share) so it lets you know not to bother calling them, its such a simple idea that Microsoft have nailed. Lync is not what you call a small infrastructure set-up, its not for the faint hearted, but Microsoft has a Lync product to suit all business, small you use Office 365 lync, mid size you use co-located, and if big you can host your own, the good news is price doesn’t really change but the functionality does with it.

Here in Birmingham we don’t exactly have the largest network and high speed internet we would like, traditionally VOIP fails with that, but lync using some amazing compression, it sounds HD but we use it over 3G and ADSL lines.

Visually lync 2010 was a little rough around the edges, it was a modified version of OCS which was far from a polished product, but in its 3rd incarnation Lync 2013 is beautiful, simple and solid. Apps available on iOS, Android, and Windows, plus web versions, plus hard phones we think Lync 2013 is going to be very popular over the next few years.


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