What would you do if you were hacked tomorrow?

No network can ever be hack-proof, but having an IT security procedure to follow will allow you to get back on your feet.

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The important stuff

Cyber security is a continuously evolving area. Security is not just one single thing you can do, it’s an unglamorous continuous job of penetration testing, training, education, regular updates and password policies. These are things that make your business secure.

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The business stuff

As a business you need to know how to react and what to take seriously, as even with an unlimited budget you can still get hacked. Take a step back and ensure you’ve assessed the risk to your business and personal data (GDPR) and make changes to help potential hackers overlook you. Don’t be an easy target.

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The fancy nerdy stuff

Luckily there’s also plenty of software and hardware that can help with IT security, such as Threat Analysis or Firewalls Antivirus, and really fancy stuff like Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Using these systems and our industry experience, we can apply changes to secure the network on a daily basis.

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Free pentest

In simple words, a pentest is a penetration testing report to give to management and your IT department. You can see devices/services that are visible and list how easy it is to hack and fix issues. We offer a free pentest to show you potential risks, you’ll be surprised at how much we can tell about your network and the systems you use.

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Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001

These two certifications demonstrate you meet high IT security standards. They can also help your business gain new work or win tenders. Kixo cannot certify you on these, but with our past experience we’ll be able to give you a great head start to get them, saving you money, and making sure processes and standards are met.

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Your questions, answered

  • Can you stop a hacker?

    Yes and no. Ultimately with enough time, anyone can be hacked. So the best prevention is to make it hard enough to not bother and move on.

  • It sounds expensive – does it have to be?

    No – the best stuff is free. You simply have to enable the feature on the systems you already have and give basic education to staff about passwords and spotting malicious emails.

  • If everything can be hacked – why bother?

    Personal data (GDPR), business reputation and intellectual property. If you don’t protect these things you can lose your customers or be heavily fined.

  • How do I make a password complicated but easy to remember?

    Switch letters like a for an @, e for a 3, L for a 7. So peal becomes P3@7 or use a phrase instead of a word – MyFavouriteColorIsPink. For an even better one – mix up the methods MyF@vourit3ColorisPink.