As we have said before we are from the Midlands and we are also geeks, proud of our roots! Being a IT company everyone expects us to have a website of cliché smart people in suits shaking hands and looking forgettable. From the start we have always been very different, so a company that prides its self on being very Human, decided to have a robot as its symbol!

Every company needs to have a symbol and a vision and being robotic isn’t ours, but Marvin summed up our automated parts of the business perfectly so we have rolled him out to the public!

In IT we have to be in many places at the same time, from phone calls and meetings to all of the monitoring of servers and networks, So that part of the business is looked after by Marvin, sadly no one will ever get to speak to him, as he is busy watching over our clients networks, every time anything blips he is there to alert us! He doesn’t sleep and only needs the occasional software update.

So yes its a contradiction on the Human IT that Kixo pride ourselves on…. but you have to admit he’s a memorable little fella! But please be assured no matter how you contact us you will never be in a system, you always get through to a engineer first and only!