IT Support for Businesses

Professional support and solutions for your company.


We are on hand waiting to help you with any IT issues. We pro-actively monitor all of your large systems such as your servers and routers. If they lose contact with us, we’ll alert you and start investigating straight away so we can get you back up and running with minimum downtime.

We cover all your business IT Support, so all your desktops, laptops, servers, printers and mobile devices, in fact pretty much everything that has a plug or a mother board.

When our clients raise an issue we deal with it then not just assigning you an SLA, you don’t speak to a receptionist your call goes to an engineer who you know the name of and they log on to your system there and then.

Tech Blurb…

We have a long history and are specialist in the following – Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Wireless, Printers, Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Networks, Remote and Virtual Desktops, Hosted Email, Virus & Spam Protection, Off Site Backups, Disaster Recovery, Cloud, Virtualization, Security, VOIP, SQL, ERP, MRP, Datacenters, Web Hosting, eCommerce, DDOS, SEO, Performance and Monitoring. Please click here for the meanings of most of those!

Our Procurement team works for you so you get the best products for the job at the best prices

“How do Kixo’s partners help my business?”

Tech Partners

Simply we get special costs, and preferred manufacture support which means cheaper, faster and more direct assistance for your business.

By having strategic business IT Partners we have more control, so when you want to purchase a new server, or when a devices is playing up, we have account managers and direct 24/7 support lines that are not open to the public or end business users. Being a partner also gives us demos and we regularly get the chance to provide feedback direct to the manufactures with your thoughts on their products. Together we can create a solution to all your business needs.

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