Meet Marvin

As we have said before we are from the Midlands and we are also geeks, proud of our roots! Being a IT company everyone expects us to have a website of cliché smart people in suits shaking hands and looking forgettable. From the start we have always been very different, so a company that prides its self on being very Human, decided to have a robot as its symbol!

Every company needs to have a symbol and a vision and being robotic isn’t ours, but Marvin summed up our automated parts of the business perfectly so we have rolled him out to the public!

In IT we have to be in many places at the same time, from phone calls and meetings to all of the monitoring of servers and networks, So that part of the business is looked after by Marvin, sadly no one will ever get to speak to him, as he is busy watching over our clients networks, every time anything blips he is there to alert us! He doesn’t sleep and only needs the occasional software update.

So yes its a contradiction on the Human IT that Kixo pride ourselves on…. but you have to admit he’s a memorable little fella! But please be assured no matter how you contact us you will never be in a system, you always get through to a engineer first and only!

Business in the Midlands

We have been providing IT support to the Midlands since before the recession, during, and what we feel after (even if double/triple dips). We see clients from small to large and while it hasn’t been easy for everyone, we believe a lot of companies have come out of things a lot stronger.

Some of our clients have had to adapt and change what they do, others have had to streamline, others have had to gamble and take on as much as possible to come out of things what can only be described as booming!

We also work with start-ups and new businesses, and while we have seen some struggle, we have seen others fill gaps in the markets and even create new markets, we are very proud to say some of our clients and friends really are thriving with a whole new zest and passion for their businesses and life.

Kixo started in 2009 towards the beginning of the recession, because we saw there was a better way of providing IT support to people. We feared for our jobs security at existing companies because service was slipping and clients money was getting tighter. Rightfully so, bad service simply could not be tolerated, in the middle of a recession we quit our jobs to start Kixo.

As a more streamlined company, we could look after clients IT needs and support them without having a high turnover of engineers, team leaders and ten different managers. So for us streamlining was best practice from day 1. For both us and our clients things are best when they are simple and personal.

Five years on and our clients and Kixo are growing, not too fast and making sure to stay personal and streamlined. Things have been tough but looking around the Midlands now we see it’s a great time to be in business in the Midlands!

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