How well do you know your Customers?

Social Wifi

Social WiFi is a wireless hotspot where your customers or employees can access free internet.

To access, customers connect using Facebook / twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn accounts and automatically like/follow your social sites in exchange for the free internet access.

What you as a business gain:

  • Gain a Facebook like or Twitter follow from anyone who logs in, automatically.
  • Pre-written posts and tweets shared on login.
  • Grow your social network.
  • Automatic location check-ins available with Facebook.
  • Automated emailing, send all visitors a welcome email.
  • Find out who is local and who is not, with Location Data.
  • Use data for target offers.
  • Target specific customers by their interests.
  • Send offers based on Relationship Status.
  • Build a detailed profile of each customer.
  • Send offers/coupons for on-the-spot redemption.
  • Save marketing costs by using digital word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Collect names, email address, birthdays and more.

Advanced Marketing

  • Import addresses to your CRM or mailing service.
  • Data capture and export.
  • Build a database of quality, qualified customer data.
  • Target real in-venue customers.
  • Share your news with a relevant audience.
  • Grow your marketing database.

By offering a free service to your customers or employees you are gaining customers details so you can start to profile who your customers are and start to rewarding them, personalising their experience and target new customers and their friends and connections.

Many large chain shops and supermarkets are now using Social WiFi platforms which could suggest high cost, however set-up can range from less than a £100 and monthly costs start at less than £30. Being able to collect customer’s details and personalise their experience while reaching out to new customers is a huge tool which businesses and events are very quickly adopting.

There are a few companies offering Social WiFi but one area Kixo can separate from the rest is we are an IT company first; we have a long history of site wide blanket WiFi. Not just one access point but multiple transmitters all talking to each other behaving as one.  You and your customers can walk from one end of a stadium / retail park / or factory effortlessly. Social WiFi needs the same infrastructure.

So firstly we are a tech company, then we openly partner we social media experts to deliver grade A content to you and your customers.

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