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Business has changed massively in the last generation, The silicon valley kids have shown a different possibility of offices that make staff want to be more productive, and that flexible companies produce better results, and actually can be deciding factors for staff in where they work now.

If you’re a multi billion pound business like google, facebook or Pixar then you can afford to have offices the size of cities with free food, cinemas, lounges, nap pods, slides, scooters and french bull dogs as far as you can see…. but what about the rest of us?


We’ve actually see the trend trickle down now to all sectors and business sizes. A lot of businesses are becoming pet friendly, we’re seeing luxuries in lunch rooms like pool tables, tvs, staff personal WiFi, and sofas.

Desk space is more flexible and companies are investing in decent screen sizes and comfy chairs, and they do go a long way as well. Flexi hours is more common as well, working from home or a coffee shop is a space to think and get a clear head and allowing more senior members of staff to be more productive.

Meeting spaces are becoming more creative with interactive presentation devices, and video conferencing and collaboration tools such as Receptions are even getting bling’d with touch screens and immersive experiences demonstrating the company’s’ products and history.

We are seeing a lot of companies who are nomads and shun the office all together, working on the road, home and shared spaces like hotels, coffee shops. Technology now means teams can collaborate and talk all day long without being in the same post code. One of the dangers of being so free as staff can be making sure the team are still a team. Applications like skype and Software like slack (we are big fans of slack) meaning small businesses can be diverse but solid. Being a team player while having a unique individual touch on the business means happier staff and ultimately a more successful business no matter its size.