Is the SuperFish problem Lenovos fault… yes and no


So lets be up front for a second, we are a Lenovo partner and Lenovo has very rightly had some bad press in the last 2 weeks…. but the good news is most of the Business/Professional users won’t be affected by the SuperFish bug, this is a Home user virus. if you think you are affected please download Lenovo’s removal tool here.

In short the SuperFish bug is malware that steals information for bad purposes, it came pre-installed out of the box with Lenovo computers. So even before your computer was on…. it had a very bad virus. And i think most people who have purchased a home computer/laptop have taken it home and been disappointed with how slow they are, even some of the high end machines. And it boils down to bloat-ware.

So the question come up why do Lenovo and all the other manufactures but software onto your brand new computer that ruin it. Well it comes down to simple economics. To stay competitive and make the computer cheaper to the home customer, manufactures (ALL of them) are paid by the software developers to install their software onto brand new PCs.  The software developers are normally naff backup software or premium anti virus trails but also a lot of games and other trails of services. There have been many cases before and will be in the future of companies that slip through from bloatware to virus, its a very grey line.

So why are business computers more expensive, a lot of the time build quality is higher, support levels are a world of difference, but also they are simply not subsidised by bloatware. IT departments would run a mile having to wipe every new computer.  A common sentence we hear when sourcing hardware for smaller customers is “i can get that cheaper from PCWorld/Tesco” and we don’t for a second argue, but we know your comparing apples and oranges and if you pay peanuts… you will get monkeys less secure computers. That’s why all good it support companies/departments will go through and remove any bloatware from your computers especially if they are brand new!

We wont defend Lenovo for letting people install bloatware and malware, and all manufactures are equally as guilty and it makes good kit look bad. But we are still fiercely proud to be Lenovo partners because they make amazing business hardware and the support is great!

Free tip for home computers, remove anything that looks trashy, games, antivirus trials (yep even AV is loaded now!) anything that looks like its REALLY wants you to click on it. So much software is now web based, the only things that should be installed locally are applications you need/want.
The rest will be junk!

So… Kixo are STILL Lenovo and Proud!

We are now a Lenovo business partner

We are very proud today to announce that we are now an Official Lenovo Business Partner. We work hard to partner with different vendors as we see a very real difference in the support we are then able to give our customers.

By teaming up with Lenovo we know the products better and have a more direct line of support should it be needed. Also this means we get a much more competitive price for you.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

Over the last few years we have seen a lot of management staff wanting premium designed computers, traditionally they headed towards apple macbooks and macbook airs, but have been frustrated by the operating system. Since then a lot of manufactures have caught up on hardware design and have really started to produce some amazingly beautiful pieces of kit. Such as the Lenovo Yoga Pro, which are blistering fast computers supported by windows 8.1 that makes for an amazing ultra thin, ultra powerful, ultra stylish laptop.

Lenovo All In One

Also Lenovo have a range of all in one’s, again Lenovo have been taking a share of the iMac market with its range, once more combining huge power, beautiful displays and well designed hardware. Lenovo really have some products to shout about and we have been getting swamped with people wanting them!

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