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Understanding Your Needs

Understanding Your Needs

We know how vital it is to handle your IT problems correctly and how to communicate to your staff whilst working on their issues. It’s critical when you have an IT issue that your staff know exactly what’s going on and not just sitting waiting by a phone and wondering how long it will take to fix the issue. The same staff look after you and have you covered 24/7, 365.

Our Birmingham IT Support team are available 24-7 and come out at least once a month to visit you and your business at no extra cost. We do this so your staff see us as your friendly internal IT Department. Knowing your business and staff helps us to resolve issues and know what is important to you. Our engineers are happy to give out direct numbers so people can always get in contact and aren’t just passed onto a faceless help desk and then lost into a void.

Proud to be friendly British run, staffed, and focused company.

Our office and clients are based in the Midlands – Rugby and Birmingham, but we cover the whole of the UK. Some of our clients are international so we do look after multinationals, but the focus is always on the UK. The reason for this is we visit our clients regularly and insist on being close by so should you have any problems that we can’t fix remotely we can just pop over to see you. We know it is important your IT team has a face and a name to it that you and your staff know.

How Are We Different?

We have a passion and personal interest in business technology, our engineers are geeks to the core, but they are also of the rare kind who are good with people and can communicate and resolve your IT problems. We have a long history in IT support covering many sectors including: Manufacturing , Retail, Financial (London Stock Exchange & FCA), Education, Entertainment and media.

We were very proud to be testing Sophos cloud before it was released to the public. Microsoft invites us to many conferences, recently we listened to Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft where he outlined which products would be shaping the next few years of business. We have a long history with these companies, simply we see them as a partner and an extension of our clients and our business. We’re not just interested in the established big companies, we also partner with emerging companies like slack, and enchant, who are powerful, simple and flexible companies.

Our clients includes Financial, Transport, Manufacturing and Media sectors. We have a reputation for exceptional customer services and are happy to provide references and case studies upon request.

Partners & Associates

We recognise the need to be partnered with IT industry leaders. Being partnered means that Kixo is at the forefront of leading IT technology ensuring that our clients get the results and support they expect. We aim to be 1-3 years ahead of current trends and up-to-date with software and hardware products. We know what you need before it’s the Business standard, and more importantly; we have already installed, tested and configured it before the rest of the industry rolls it out.

Not every IT support company is eligible for partnership, we have worked hard and continue to work to stay partners with such large and powerful companies. We also have multiple suppliers, such as WestcoastInsight and The Change. Our buying power and credit lines with them means we always get the equipment needed at short notice, and on terms your business will like. Finance is also an option with some of our suppliers.

Meet some of the Team

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